Storytelling through Art!

Art was very much the topic when we met with Alex to discuss Celebrate ART. A new art project, run by the Tramway Project, which celebrates the talents and creativity of young people.

Alex, 19, from Glasgow, worked together with a team of young artists to create Celebrate ART, which follows the story of a father and daughter relationship that is put under a lot of pressure after the father is diagnosed with a terminal illness.

During the impending loss of her father, the daughter turns to alcohol and the story becomes darker when her father dies. Feeling like she has lost part of herself, the daughter comes to a revelation of identity and being ok with herself, finally opening her eyes with a sense of her own identity.

Out of the studio Alex runs her own blog through Instagram. She loves all forms of art, drawing, painting and of course, writing. Alex was on the lookout for creative things to get involved in around Glasgow when she came across Celebrate ART. School had made Alex deter from her creative side.

“I think school always pushes young people towards more academic subjects, which is a shame because it ends up dampening a lot of young people’s creative spirit and their own form of expression.”

Getting involved in projects like Celebrate ART over the past year has made Alex realise that her creative side is a part of her that makes her happy. The team of artists worked together on creating a story through art, with each young artist bringing their own ideas and experiences to it.

The idea of self-love and self-acceptance was important to her, being able to find something within yourself and that whole idea of self-acceptance is a common theme throughout the story.

“I feel like a lot of people at this age and throughout life can go through that kind of realisation that you need to be able to be comfortable within yourself and not have to rely on others or other things to be happy.”

Being able to meet new people, and bringing back her creative side, Alex has grown and changed over the course of the project. The young artists were feeding off of each other to create an amazing piece of artwork whilst creating a sense of family along the way.

“It has been one of the many amazing opportunities to young people that allows them to be creative and to express themselves through art and all different forms of art. The arts in general can be something that people shy away from, as there is a sense of not enough support or funding but YoYP has ensured that many different companies are getting involved and helping with that.”

More Info

Celebrate ART, funded through the YoYP events fund, showcases the art work by a group of young artists aged 15-23, it explores their place in their world through a story of addiction, dependency, loss, personal change and growth.

Celebrate ART has been exhibited in Glasgow Tramway following its showcase of a live visual art performance on 7 July, it will be available to view until 26 August. For more info on the exhibition, click here.

Alex’s Blog & Instagram – @thehippychickpea