A year of stories

Scotland’s young people are extraordinary, and throughout Year of Young People 2018, showed the world just how extraordinary they truly are.

For 365 days Young Scot gave young people in Scotland a new platform to allow them to tell the nation how important it is for them to have their voices heard and to be able to express themselves.

#MyStory365 ensured that Scotland and the world heard young people talk about their journeys, aspirations and inspirations. It removed negative attitudes and stigmas towards young people in Scotland, all whilst showcasing the diversity of thought and experience in young people across Scotland.

A look back

#MyStory365 concluded with the story of inspirational Young Scot of the Year 2018, Jordan Daly.

At the age of 12, Jordan was driven to considering suicide by bullies. At 19 years old, Jordan co-founded the TIE (Time for Inclusive Education) Campaign, which has led to Scotland making LGBTI+ education a compulsory part of the Scottish Curriculum.

Day 17, Naomi is a full-time mum to a little boy and is expecting her second baby in April. She is hoping to start the Open University in a few months to study English, then possibly teaching.

As a single mum, Naomi is really dedicated to her son and spends a lot of time with him in groups; in fact, they have a baby group nearly every day!