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Steven, 24, from Glasgow is a Communic18 theme leader for YoYP, as well as a Youth Active Play Co-ordinator for PEEK Project.

One of the main things he has been working on throughout the year is incorporating all decision making for the PEEK youth programme to be run through Scotland’s amazing young people.

Steven has been involved in creating a consultation group which reviews the PEEK Projects youth programme every 3 months allowing its young people to choose new activities or change the programme up a little bit. He has also put in place a young people’s fundraising committee which comes together to plan a variety of ways on how PEEK can raise money as a charity. As well as this, he has spent his time being a part of the planning and delivery for the National Youthlink Awards, speaking in front of 200 people to let them know how they can get involved with the awards.

In February, he was lucky enough to meet HRH Prince Harry, HRH Meghan Markle and Nicola Sturgeon at Holyrood Palace at a YoYP Reception held by the Royal Family to mark the year. At the reception he got to share the work he had been involved in, and was glad that the Royals and the First Minister truly are interested in the work that young people have been doing across the country.

Steven is helping to bring out the best in the young people across Glasgow in his role. He feels it is important to put young people at the heart of his work that allows them to feel as if they have a place where they belong and feel happy. To him, working alongside young people means allowing them to demonstrate their imagination, creativity, enthusiasm and authenticity, and he has been surprised at some of the amazing and silly ideas that they can come up with.

Growing up, young people like Steven didn’t have a say in anything that they had to do. Most of the time, they were told that they were doing this, that and the next thing. Steven feels that this led to himself and his group of friends not listening to adults and losing interest in a lot of things they ‘had’ to do.

Through working on YoYP, Steven has realised that there a lot of likeminded people that are trying to make a difference across Scotland. Working on the year has helped him further understand the importance of how Scotland includes everyone’s voices in everything that it does.

Anyone can plan a programme but by putting the young people at the heart of it, it allows the programme to be their programme which they are proud of.

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Young people are at the heart of YoYP 2018, and everything we do and say is always in partnership with them.  To ensure this is achieved from start to the legacy of YoYP 2018, we created a co-design group, Communic18.

The group are working with organisations across all 32 local authorities, making sure young people are influencing the design, delivery and decision making for YoYP 2018. Young Scot, Children in Scotland and the Scottish Youth Parliament are supporting the group.

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