Meet Craig: YoYP Ambassador

We caught up with Craig, 17, a YoYP Ambassador from Inverness. Check out the below to find out about his experience as an Ambassador and what he has achieved.

Tell us about the type of activity you have been doing?
In my role as Year of Young People Ambassador I have been trying to champion the work done by young people on a local and regional level, through the use of social media which has meant that the good work of people in the Highlands is being noticed more often!

What difference do you think your role is making?

I believe that my role as a YoYP Ambassador is to help give the young people in the Highlands a voice on a national level. Though my work with the Scottish Youth Parliament I have had the honour to speak to Government ministers about mental health in the Highlands, as this is seen to be one of the biggest issues to young people in the area.

Why did you want to get involved?
I got involved with the Year of Young People in order to complement the work I have been doing as a Member of the Scottish Youth Parliament (MSYP). This means that I have been able to build on my work as an MSYP and represent the area I grew up in on a national level.

What skills have you learnt so far?
I feel like I have gained two key skills while being a YoYP Ambassador, the first one being public speaking and the second being the use of social media. Being a YoYP Ambassador has meant that I have spoken to many Highland Councillors as well as some MSP’s. This has allowed me to develop my public speaking skills, which I have transferred to my work being an MSYP. Through YoYP I have also developed my skills in social media, I have tried to make tweets more engaging for young people, which has enabled me to reach more young people with my MSYP tweets and has provided me with the skills to capture more voices in consultations.

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing young people today?
While I cannot speak for young people in all of Scotland, through my consultation with young people in the Highlands, I have found that mental health and transport were the biggest issues. These tie in together as for many in the far reaches of the Highlands, they cannot access the transport to reach the mental health services provided or when they can, the timings for the transport can mean accessing the services is inconvenient.

Do you think there’s a gap between young people and older generations?
I do believe there is a gap between young people and some people in older generations. This may be due to the fact that they may not take on the ideas of young people and ignore what they say – this could mean that the voices of young people can be completely ignored.

More Info

The role of an Ambassador is to represent the YoYP 2018 in their local community, they are involved in ensuring that young people and organisers in local communities know about YoYP 2018 activies. To find out more information on YoYP Ambassadors check out Young Scot.