Meet Suhit: Young Entrepreneur

17 year old Suhit is a young entrepreneur from Glasgow. Earlier this year he set up Saulderson Media after spotting an opportunity to work with social media influencers.

However, in February 2018, he was diagnosed with a form of cancer known as Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and had to undergo treatments of chemotherapy every 2 weeks.

“I won’t lie to you, it’s not been easy. It was the first time that I’ve really been scared to wake up on a Friday as I knew I’d be heading to the Beatson to get a dose of chemo. However, I coped with it the only way I know how, I stayed strong and treated it as if it was just a minor obstacle that I knew I could surpass.”

During his treatment there was a lot of things Suhit couldn’t do, as many times he had been too unwell to go to school and miss out on seeing his friends and playing sport. His biggest achievement, despite having cancer, undergoing chemo and having to miss school, was that he still achieved 6 A’s in his higher exams.

Missing out made me feel pretty low but I coped by staying motivated and inspired. That it was only a short term of my life I’d have this, and I will have so many more amazing years to come to do all of these things.

Suhit had his last chemotherapy treatment in August and last month was told the good news that he was in remission. While going through his treatment Suhit continued to pursue his dream of growing Saulderson Media.

“Due to my treatment, my perspective on life and everything has been changed so much, it has really motivated me to grab every opportunity possible and make something of myself. I can’t stress enough how I want to make a positive change in the world as an entrepreneur and leave a legacy.”

Saulderson Media is a talent management and influencer marketing agency, working with the biggest social influencers across the UK and Europe, specifically in the gaming and esports and entertainment niche.

“So, what I mean by social influencers are your non-celebrity internet personalities,  so that can mean like YouTubers, Twitch streamers, Instagram personalities, the people we watch and look up to for our entertainment purposes. In July, I was more motivated than ever. I decided, let’s go all in. From that I turned my personal work into a company, driving my entrepreneurial spirit.”

The company is continuing to grow in success, and is projected to make a 6-figure turnover in its first year Suhit has big ambitions for the future and one day hopes to make the Fortune 500 list.

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The Fortune 500 list, is an annual ranking of the top 500 corporations worldwide as measured by revenue and the list is compiled and published annually by Fortune magazine.

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