Radicalising Futureproof

Gonca, 21, from Glasgow, is studying Theatre Studies and English Literature at the University of Glasgow. We caught up with her to discuss her time in the YoYP Project Team for Futureproof.

The YoYP Project Team, is a team of young people that NTS (National Theatre of Scotland) brought together to radicalise and question Futureproof festival; an opportunity for a young team to be a part of NTS for a year. I was a part of the project team, and our assigned task was to plan the launch event of the festival.

The thing that motivated me to join the team was the opportunity to be part of a team that could influence NTS, as well as the attraction of learning about the organisation through first-hand experience. Familiarising myself with the way an arts organisation of this size runs, functions and creates.

As a Theatre Studies student with a lot of theoretical background, but not much practical experience, this was very valuable to me.

It has been a benefit to learn, through practice, how to organise an event to this capacity. I improved my ability to work as part of a team due to my realisation of the need for a creative, as well as practical plan. Indeed, one of my favourite aspects of the project was the possibility to combine creative thinking with practical requirements. We really had free reign on this – we were told to create something as radical as we wanted. Another benefit for me was the chance, through monthly meetings, to get to familiarise myself with the structures and processes of the wonderful team.

My proudest moment is seeing the amount of young people who came to the event. It was amazing to see that what we had organised said something about our and many other’s experiences of being young. To connect with them through the event was wonderful. I think we attracted an audience that was maybe different to what NTS would have attracted in a different situation, so that was rewarding.

The YoYP Project Team have really achieved in creating an event that spoke to young people of Scotland. We have managed to make meaningful connections with the people of NTS, and have managed, somehow, to question and radicalise the organisation.

YoYP to me, means a time when we focus on what it means to be a young person in Scotland: to think about the challenges we face, to try and make connections between young people, see their achievements and appreciate their creativity. A year that focuses on creating more and more visibility for them.

The most annoying thing someone has said to me because of my age is “I feel like you’ve got a lot to learn”. Which isn’t a bad thing to say, but in this context it implied that I basically did not know anything at all.

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Futureproof is a nationwide, international festival of radical new work created with young people and for everyone. The project was designed alongside the YoYP Project Team who have spent the year with NTS, embedded at the heart of the company, helping shape the National Theatre of Scotland.